From its early use in coins and decoration by the ancient Egyptians, lead was first found in construction in Roman times. By the Middle Ages lead sheet was being used extensively as a roofing material and centuries-old examples are still evident today. Most notably, the cathedrals,

Churches and castles that enrich our architectural heritage are a wonderful testimony to the performance and longevity of this durable and versatile material.

The use of lead in the construction industry is a proven and time honoured tradition. The passing of time continues to enhance its formidable reputation for durability, consistency and value for money performance.

Modern day applications continually demonstrate the versatility of lead sheet, a material to match the imagination of any architect. The ease with which it blends with other materials, to present an unrivalled combination of strength and beauty, suggests an almost limitless scope for application.

Its proven performance is unmatched, flexibility unrivalled and future potential unlimited.