Zinc has been used extensively for roofing and cladding applications for over 150 years in Europe and is rapidly increasing in popularity in the United Kingdom, inspired by many fine examples having already been completed throughout the market.

Zinc has a particularly pleasing appearance; it is rolled with a natural bright finish which, as well as being attractive, gives a natural life long surface protection. When properly laid no treatment or maintenance is required other than the clearance of leaf and silt deposits.

In general Zinc is not affected by contact with timbers, although like most other metals, it is subject to attack when in contact with Oak or Western Red Cedar. However, preventative treatment may be undertaken in most instances.

One of the more recent developments in the progress of this technically advanced material has been the introduction of prepatinated sheets and strip whereby the material is supplied with the attractive weathered appearance of established zinc already in place. This prepatination is carried out as part of the production process and is proving to be a great success, now superseding the demand for bright zinc.

Zinc lends itself particularly well to both the traditional roll cap and the increasingly popular standing seam roofing systems. Its low linear expansion makes it ideal for long length box, valley, and parapet gutters which will give a long, trouble free life.

The ease of soldering the material allows for quick forming to the diverse shapes required for weathering the contours of buildings.